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SATHERM: Supplier of spare parts for industrial maintenance

Our Group

Present in Europe and all around the world:


ETC Sarl

The company ETC Sarl is our French partner since 1995.
Thanks to their geographic position, both of the companies have successfully developed a strong partnership from both sides of the French-German border.


Copex Industries

The company Copex was created in 2009.
Copex is our trade partner specialized in american equipment, and thus enables us to have competitive prices and short reaction time.



The company BROP was created in 2008, to facilitate the business relationships with the companies Renault and Dacia in Romania.





Our Partners


Pyrum Innovations

Pyrum Innovations is an innovative recycling technology company based in Germany, France and Luxembourg. The main activity of Pyrum is the engineering and construction of turnkey recycling factories based on Pyrum owned patents. The worldwide patent protected Pyrum recycling technology is unique and can't be compared to any other existing recycling process.


Virelux Inspection Systems

"VIRELUX Inspection Systems" is an engineering company specialized in optical field metrology. Its proprietary scanner technology enables digital surface evaluation from 3D shape measurements to micro scale appearance defect analysis. The systems are especially adapted to large scale components with surfaces in "A" type classification, such as used in automotive, aeronautic, architectural or yacht building industry."


Yovann's co.

Locate pipe leaks and repair immediately, both on and off load.


MeTool Körperschall Messtechnik

The optimum acoustic test and measurement for your requirements
Structure-borne sound measurement at the limits of what is possible

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